Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Googly Moogly: Two Books About Google Reviewed

Two books that attempt to examine the inner-workings of Google and what Google means for our society have been recently published (Planet Google and What Would Google Do?). Here is a link to an L.A. Times review of the books written by Matthew Shaer.
Why is this important? In a relatively short period of time, Google has become not only the ubiquitous search engine that has virtually superseded all of its predecessors and competitors, it has also become a major advertising medium as well as a communications device (email, social networking and YouTube). How did all of that spawn so quickly from a business founded in a college dorm room and more importantly, what does the future of Google mean for how we conduct our businesses and our personal lives? These two books help to explore the answers to these questions. The L.A. Times book review can help you decide which of the two books you want to invest your time in if you don't want to read both.

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