Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We recently wrote an article called "10 FOR '10: TEN HOT IP TIPS FOR LAWYERS AND THEIR CLIENTS" which highlights ten interesting intellectual property law legal developments and topics. Rather than reprint the whole article here, we will post one of the tips every few days in order to give each of the tips some room to breathe and an opportunity for comment. Here is the first one:

IP TIP #1: Photo-Shock:

Did your website designer grab some nice photos from somewhere to put up on your website? If so, it's time to check the terms and conditions of the license your web designer entered into for you (or didn't!) to make sure you have the right to use those photos for what you are using them for. Three large photo libraries (Corbis, Getty Images, and MasterFile)have recently embarked on a massive campaign which threatens big-time lawsuits in order to extract thousands of dollars (or more) from innocent businesses who have no idea they are using photos on their websites that aren't properly licensed.

We have handled several of these cases just within the last year.

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