Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Problem With the Music Business Isn't the Music

For reasons I can't exactly put my finger on, in the last three weeks I've had the great fortune to see a series of remarkable live musical performances. They range from Eric Clapton to Los Lobos, KD Lang, Daniel Lanois' Black Dub, Steve Poltz, Lucy Schwartz, Bushwalla and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. I know I keep reading that the music business is in trouble. And I'm sure it is. But there's nothing wrong with the music that's being written and performed. Great music is still out there. For my money, there is still no substitute for seeing a great performer do it live. The music business may be having trouble figuring out how to adjust to the changes brought about by the rise of the Internet, but as long people LOVE music - and I'm betting that's never going to stop - there will always be a way for great music to get out there. Just as long as people who love it support it.

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  1. Maybe, but concert ticket prices have drastically increased over the last few years. Most big artist now charge in the neighborhood of $65.00 to see their show.

    I have also noticed a drop in the amount of quality rock music being released and bands being able to afford a tour in support of their records. MXPX certainly comes to mind.

    I think the "free music" wave is finally starting to diminish the quality of music being released.