Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Veoh Video Website Defeats Copyright Infringement Lawsuit by Major Studios

In a decision that portends big problems for Viacom's lawsuit against Google's YouTube website, a federal court decided last week that Veoh's video posting website is not guilty of copyright infringement. This case is not only important because of the pending Viacom vs. Google lawsuit, but because it details WHY Veoh was not guilty of copyright infringement even though the website does post copyrighted material without permission. Although this Court's decision is not binding on other courts around the country, the decision essentially outlines possible ground rules for a video-sharing website business model that is legal. It is worth comparing and contrasting how Veoh operates as compared to Napster and Grokster and other music-sharing websites that have been declared illegal. It will also be interesting to compare and contrast Veoh's service to YouTube's to see how they line up and how they differ.

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