Thursday, October 8, 2009

A New Kind of Musical Rhapsody: Brian Wilson Set to Complete Some of Gershwin's Unfinished Works

The L.A. Times reported today that Brian Wilson - the legendary songwriter and co-founder of The Beach Boys - has been granted permission to complete some of the unfinished musical works that George Gershwin left behind when he died prematurely at age 38 about seventy years ago. The newspaper story goes into some detail to explain how this came about after all this time and why Gershwin and Wilson may not be the strange musical bedfellows they appear to be at first. This kind of extraordinary creative endeavor holds great promise. We will look forward to the results with great anticipation. is a link to one of our favorite Brian Wilson/Beach Boys compositions of all time which wasn't necessarily a hit: "The Warmth of the Sun". [Brian W. reportedly wrote it the day of the JFK assassination].

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